Tyler’s Backcountry Awareness’s Purpose

Tyler’s Backcountry Awareness’s purpose is to provide solutions in avalanche education.

About Tyler

Tyler Lundstedt

Backcountry rider Tyler Lundstedt’s undeniable and contagious passion for snowmobiling in the great Rocky Mountains led him and fellow riders to ever greater heights and challenges.

Born in 1987, Tyler came to work in construction and running heavy equipment, but that was just to pay the snowmobiling bills. Ever smiling and always with a helping hand, Tyler would be found engaged in something productive.

Those riding with Tyler would experience the mountains in ways most never will. The more obscure and hard to reach places offer the challenges and skill-building excitement an enthusiastic rider can appreciate. Carrying the desire to advance his riding skills, Tyler continued meet challenges in snowmobiling head on.

On January 21, 2012 Tyler died in an avalanche near Buffalo Pass in Colorado. That day, the snowmobiling world lost an individual that had passion for the world. He left a tremendous legacy.

Tyler’s Backcountry Awareness was created to challenge riders to build their skills in safety and preparedness. Not only is this done to help their riding abilities, but as importantly obtain an understanding on the snowpack in the backcountry.

Tyler’s Backcountry Awareness’s Purpose

We took this loss and looked for a way to help others not have to struggle through the same heartache.

The 3 biggest hurdles resonating in the industry were location, time and cost. By identifying these three aspects, we were able to compile our efforts to meet them head on.

Through active fundraising, countless hours of volunteering and a lot of hard work, Tyler’s Backcountry Awareness’s purpose is to provide solutions in avalanche education. Tyler’s Backcountry Awareness is a registered 501-c3.

Tyler's Backcountry Awareness's Purpose