Tyler’s Backcountry Awareness’s Team

Tyler’s Backcountry Awareness’s team strives to advance their avalanche education as a means to enhance your learning.

Brian Lundstedt

A.I.A.R.E. Course Leader

Growing up in Colorado, we started sledding in 1993. Dad would take my 2 brothers and myself out nearly every weekend. The Snowies, Cameron Pass and Buff Pass/The Ears were my backyard. We always looked for untouched snow.  This lead us to boondocking before it was cool. Of course, we had our days of highmarking.  But we quickly developed a love for the tight and technical.

In 2012, an avalanche accident left my family shattered. From this, I decided that helping my sled family come home safe was my mission.  Countless hours of training and volunteering has brought me to where I am now. It is rare that I get a free ride day anymore.  But when I do, my brother and my dad are a couple of my favorite people to go with. We always push each other’s boundaries.  We always come home smoked and usually find out in which areas the trees are really just that tight.

Mike Langhenry

A.I.A.R.E. Course Leader

I was introduced to snowmobiling in college, bought my first sled in 2007 and quickly got hooked on the adrenaline rush and challenges of backcountry snowmobiling.

With all the sports I’ve been involved in, safety and being equipped for the challenges has always been a priority. Even before buying a snowmobile, I recognized the avalanche hazards associated with winter backcountry recreation and sought out training to understand those risks and perform rescue should an accident occur. I’m currently an AIARE Level 1 instructor, American Avalanche Association member, and carry basic First Aid/CPR training.

Being an electrical engineer and radio technician, Brian approached me in the fall of 2013 for some help developing a wireless avalanche beacon training park. A few weeks later the prototyping process began; and in the months that followed, working hardware and software was developed. I’ve been working with Tyler’s Backcountry Awareness since then, attending most of the shows, classes, and events as an educator, photographer, and technical support.

Matt Allan

A.I.A.R.E. Course Leader

I started in the snow world back in 2001 as a ski instructor and started skiing the back country that same season. I’ve continued to remain in snow education for 27 seasons and in 8 different countries.

I first started sledding in 2009 and bought my first machine in 2011.  I quickly discovered the amount of terrain I was able to cover was amazing and soon hung up the skis, in favor of my sled as it is a much superior way to travel.

As full-time educator my whole adult life it has become my passion to share the knowledge that I’ve obtained from my training and experiences with others. 

Matthew Vermeer

Marketing Director

I was introduced to snowmobiling by a close friend back in 2006. Although I didn’t buy a snowmobile right away, it began a new interest for this winter recreational activity. In 2010, I bought my first snowmobile and the desire to ride intensified from there.

As I have grown as a rider in this sport, I had begin to understand the importance of avalanche and snow knowledge to stay safe in the backcountry. I began attending local avalanche awareness seminars to attain some additional knowledge. Understanding that there was more knowledge that needed to be attained, I reached out to Brian and his team to get involved in their endeavor as well as enhance my avalanche knowledge and training.

Tyler's Backcountry Awareness's Team

Tyler’s Backcountry Awareness’s team has a passion for helping all backcountry users learn more about being safe in the backcountry.  Whether you are on the snow every weekend or only make it out once a year, the avalanche knowledge you need to be safe is vitally important.

If you have not already taken an avalanche related course, we would highly recommend that you do so.  You never know when an avalanche will occur, so its important to have the knowledge of how to stay out of harms way.